With any training or supervision experience you get out what you put in. That said, if you take the time to prepare, be thoughtful, and have questions, Lisa is willing to meet you and guide you beyond. From answering real life, academic, and ethical questions, to reviewing data, introducing assessment measures, planning functional analyses, and consulting on troublesome cases, my experience with Lisa as a supervisor and trainer was exemplary. The knowledge she helped guide me to was essential to passing the BCBA exam and remains experience that I use daily in my work. I could not recommend her higher.

Amber Verroulx BCBA #1-13-13316

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I’m very grateful to have been supervised by Dr, Lisa Britton, BCBA-D. She provided me with clinical support whenever I requested her assistance, which I always found to be useful and well informed. I learned many behavioral techniques from Dr. Lisa Britton, such as how to run brief functional analysis assessments in classroom settings, how to create and monitor classroom level systems, as well as how to conduct data analysis using descriptive data (e.g. ABC data). I feel privileged to have had the experience of working with Dr. Lisa Britton, as she helped me become a better Behavior Analyst , both administratively and clinically.


Sean Taylor M.S. BCBA